Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dabble #1 Realtime Forest Sprite

We work in the animation industry and we know how much it sucks to wait for renders to come back. So we're embarking on a little experiment. Inspired by Square-Enix's "Agni's Philosophy" and Unity's "Butterfly Effect", we want to see if we can create a near film quality shot/test/short in "real-time" in our free time. For this project, we are using Maya to create assets and set dress to a camera and Unity for shading, lighting, and rendering.

 Our test idea is centered around a tiny forest sprite running across a fallen log. This sprite actually came from a game idea we had but shelved because of our lack of DirectX11 (We're using Macs). Here are some initial artworks for the sprite. We are actually pretty far along on this project already (we've only spent 2 weekends so far), but we'll update the blog with pipeline scripts and pretty shaders we had to develop.

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